Mushroom kingdom 14 Mario coloring pages

marioEvery one of us would have played Super Mario Bros. from out electronic game box or would have watched our brothers playing with it. Here the hero Mario sets out on a journey of various worlds and levels to save a princess who has been held captive by a cruel dragon. In a multiplayer mode he is accompanied by his brother Luigi as he travels through the mushroom Kingdom.
The game play was fun as Mario has to race through various levels and stages of mushroom kingdom, while collecting all the hidden coins. He is aided by the hidden super powers like Mushroom power that helps Mario grow up. Also, there is a flower power that gives shooting ability to Mario. He shoots fire balls, jumps and kills to tackle all the enemies coming opposite him. Different types and kinds of enemies like the flying tortoise, sloth, hidden thorns, etc must be crossed without losing the lives in order to cross a stage.
This game always was our favorite and even today we like to snuggle in and play the game if we get time. Mario was the first video game character that was our world once. With its many hidden worlds and interesting game plays, it caught millions of hearts and is a favorite game for many even today.

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