Exciting game: Baseball coloring pages and pictures

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baseball clipartTo speak of this simple game that is played just with a bat and a ball, it needs to be mentioned that this is a game played with nine members and with two teams.

This wonderful and exciting game was first played in the 18th century in England. After this, it began gaining popularity by leaps and bounds.

In this game, the person who bats tries to score as many runs as he can, after hitting the ball. However, the person who balls tries to oppose him in the sense that he tries to prevent him from making a large number of runs.

Presently, this game is widely known as the pastime of America. However, this game is very much popular in other countries as well. In this game, the bat is the hitting tool, and the size of the baseball is almost similar to the size of the fist of an adult person, which is almost 9 inches approximately. Helmets are also used in this game for protection.

Bleating goats 18 goat coloring pages and pictures

GoatGoats are very gentle animals and are easily tamable. We have been making use of goats from our prehistoric times. They were used as pets, for wool, milk and even flesh. Goats also stay close to their masters for their entire lives. They are very shy animals and always wish to maintain their own circle of friendship. They don’t usually get along with other persons who are not his master.

A goat feeds on plants, especially grass. They communicate with each other by bleating and each goat can recognize the bleat of another goat. They are also very intelligent and curious in nature. They always have a constant desire to explore and investigate the placed and unfamiliar surroundings. Hence there is always a shepherd to guide them, else they will easily get lost. The goats are also close to the shepherd and will remember to stick along with him once they are accustomed to him.

Goats can even be taught their names and we can easily train them to come to us when called by their names. They are also one among the 12 Chinese zodiac signs and they represent introversion, shyness, creativity and perfectionism. There is also a myth about them which depicts goats as responsible for the discovery of coffee. This is because in Ethiopia, a shepherd witnessed his goats behaving over active and energetic after eating some plants. Thus he stumbled upon coffee beans. Whether the myth is true or false, no one knows but we would always love the goats as they are very useful animals to mankind.

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Goat coloring pages

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Goats pictures

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Alligator coloring pages 27 pictures crafts and cliparts

Alligators are huge, carnivorous reptiles that can live both on land and water. They are close associates of the crocodile family. They live in fresh or brackish water sources, like swamps, rivers, canals, ponds, etc. Their tail is about half the length of their body and they feed on small fishes, insects, small animals, etc. Alligators can hold their breath for almost an hour and thus stay under water for a long time.
But these animal wonders have become an endangered species today. Many alligators are poached for its skin and meat nowadays. Poachers have started selling products like purses, belts, etc made from alligator skin leather. So this species is almost about to be wiped clean from the earth. In many countries like Florida, USA, India, Etc many organizations and animal lovers have joined hands to stop poaching and poaching is also declared as an illegal activity by all the governments of the world. While humans are poaching for its leather, other factors like loss of wetlands and drying up of lakes has also lead to the loss of many alligators. We must take initiatives to save this species from extinction.
Download collection of 12 alligator coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

Alligator coloring pages

alligator coloring page,printable,coloring pages

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Gymnastics coloring pages 37 pictures quotes and clipart

Gymnastics is nothing but a sport that involves extraordinary skills, agility, grace and mental fitness. It is a different kind of sport where you are required to bend and stretch various parts of your body. Though gymnastics is not much popular in India, it has been one of the most acclaimed sports in many developed countries. More than just for fun, gymnastics is usually approached with a holistic viewpoint because it promotes self-confidence more than physical fitness.
Gymnastics is an easy sport for children, as their bones and muscles bend easily when compared to adults. Cognitive development is faster in children, who practice gymnastics because they have better spatial awareness this improves their thinking and problem solving ability. Hence it is advised to learn gymnastic, starting from your childhood. Today many of the gymnasts, who score well in the Olympics, have been practicing the sport from their childhood and also seem to fare well in various walks of their life.
Besides numerous health benefits, gymnastics also imparts various social values and develop qualities of teamwork, dedication and healthy competition. Apart from yielding fitness and physical health it is also a leisure time fun activity. Hence you can definitely go for gymnastics, to lead a healthy and soulful life.

Download collection of 15 gymnastics coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.


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Spotted racer Deer coloring pages 33 Pictures and cliparts

It was a long walk and I was exhausted during one of my trips to the zoo. It happened years back and I happened to see a spotted deer for the first time. Having watched them in cartoons and posters, the real ones stuck my eyes with awe. There were more than 20 of them with those strange white spots on their orange fur. They looked tired and were gazing lazily away from the fence.

Though I was excited to watch them, it also dawned on me that these racers well held captives there. They looked like they were tired of the human population around them and turned away their sorrowful faces. Having watched them over the television running around gleefully on the forests and to see them stuck in these captives made me really feel sorry for them.

Deer coloring pages

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Deer pictures



Deer Clipart




Faithful obedience 18 Bible coloring pages clip art pictures


Those who believe in god, must read and be well versed with what he believed in. Bible is not any book but a holy book consisting of texts that are sacred in Judaism and Christianity. It is considered to be a book providing divine inspiration and authoritative record of the relationship between God and humans. Bible will help incorporate beauty and truth into every day of life. The Bible is divided into two main parts: Old Testament and New Testament.

God, through his bible, provides profoundly important lessons for living a life full of faithful obedience. Studying the bible will only increase the importance of its teachings and it will become truly evident how essential and powerful it can be to obtain such knowledge. Bible establishes a strong and benevolent foundation within children and guides them towards a better life. It provides a new direction and guides us throughout the path until destination. Reading the Bible will help to live a better, reformed, enlightened and justifiable life.

Download collection of 14 bible coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

Bible coloring pages


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Colors of nature 21 Butterfly coloring pages and pictures

butterfly (2)Butterflies are God’s way of creating beautiful creatures like others in this world. They are flying insects with extremely beautiful artistic and scaly wings. Like all other insects, butterflies too have six jointed legs, three parts of body- head, the thorax (chest) and abdomen with attached tail in the end, a pair of antennae, exoskeleton and pair of compound eyes. The body of the butterfly is covered with small sensory hair. The four wings and six legs are connected to the thorax, that is, the chest. The thorax however contains muscles that enable the legs and the wings to move back and forth.
ButterflyThe wings of a butterfly are colorful, and covered with iridescent scales that overlap each other. Butterflies are able to fly only if their body temperature is above 86 degrees. They can keep themselves warm during winter and the color of their wings change as they age old. The lifecycle of a butterfly consist of four stages: Egg, Larva, Pupa and the Adult. Butterflies consume leaves as their food. As pretty as they sound their fastest flying rate is 30 mph and slowest would be 5 mph.

butterfly pictures

Butterfly coloring pages

butterflybutterfly coloring pages 12

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Terrible Lizards Dinosaurs coloring pages 17 Pictures and cliparts

DinosaurWell, to speak of these ‘terrible lizards’, as Sir Richard Owen rightly called these animals, I really need to go back to the prehistoric times, most particularly the ‘Mesozoic Era’. It was during this period that these huge reptiles roamed on the surface of the Earth, with great freedom. Let me enlighten you with another interesting fact, that is, when the dinosaurs roamed this planet, there was only one single continent- a single landmass known as Pangaea.

Dinosaurs 2The largest dinosaurs were perhaps 50 feet tall, and the tiniest ones were just as the size of a hen. The dinosaurs were categorized in various types, on the basis of what they ate to fill their tummy. Basically there were the meat eating ones, called the carnivorous and the grass or leaf eating ones, who we call the herbivorous. An astounding fact is that most of the grass eating dinosaurs were huge in size, larger than their carnivorous brothers and sisters. While some used two legs to walk, others used all fours to walk.

DinosaurHowever, these reptiles became extinct almost 65 million years back. What scientists believe will surprise you. They say that they evolved into other forms like birds, lizards, chameleons, crocodiles and many more, that we see today.

Download collection of 11 dinosaur coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

Dinosaur coloring pages

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Dinosaur clipart

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Metamorphosis 20 caterpillar coloring pages and pictures

Perhaps one of the most interesting creature on this planet is the caterpillar. To start with it, let me just mention what it actually is. It is the crawling larva from which a butterfly comes to existence.

caterpillar (3)The caterpillars are in general herbivores, but some of them are even carnivore, that is, they eat insects. The caterpillars are always hungry and munch all the time. While crawling almost all the time, they go on eating until; they form a silky coating all over their bodies with the help of their saliva. It is during this particular time, that they form a pupa and after a long sleep, a beautiful and attractive butterfly emerges out.

caterpillar (1)The caterpillars have different colors, and it generally depends on what plants they feed upon. To protect themselves from predators, some even have bristles or hair all over their body.

caterpillar (2)The caterpillar symbolizes the metamorphosis, that is, the change into something beautiful. It may take even several months for the caterpillar to transform into a butterfly or a moth. Surprising….isn’t it?

Download collection of 14 caterpillar coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

Caterpillar coloring pages

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Caterpillar Clip art and pictures

Monarch butterfly caterpillar to butterfly