Bob the builder coloring pages and pictures – Lets build

Hey kids!!! Got something to be fixed. Just call over bob and his tool mates, Wendy, Leo, Lofty, Muck and Scoop. Bob not only builds for Spring City, he will always be ready to spring into action to take care of your building works. With an eye for spotting the problems, she can come in handy for all your electronic works. Her quick wits may amaze you. You must also get to know scoop, as he is the yellow digger and the hard workmen in bobs team. Then goes Leo, the catastrophic apprentice of Bob and Wendy. He is good with tools but always brings on some havoc. This tech-savvy is very desperate to become a builder himself.
You must be happy to meet Muck, the dump truck. Just like us he loves to get muddy. Oh, don’t worry! You can always find him in a pool of dirt digging his way through. But be careful with Lofty, he is a bit introverted. He is always ready with the tools and materials that bob requires for building his city. This mobile crane is very shy, so get to know him well before seeking his help.
Guess our team is ready, so what are we going to build for today? A Park, a castle or a farm. Whatever it is, you are about to get the busy with Mr. Fix It.

bob-the-builder coloring pages 14,printable,coloring pages
Bob the builder coloring pages bob and Wendy building

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First superhero Fathers day coloring pages 22 pictures and cards

A father always turns out to be a superhero for his children. Every father is more than special; everyday he works hard just to give you a comfortable and happy life. Nothing is important to him other than you and nothing can devour his love for you. He cooks for you, plays with you, help you learn new things and above all loves you the most.
Fathers are the only men in the entire world, capable of bringing smile to your faces. He teaches you how to handle things all by yourselves and whenever you need a backup, he is always there for you. For daughters, fathers are the first love that they adore the most, while for sons fathers are their strongest friends who inspires them. They are always ready with the right kind of advice at the right situation. Hence it is our duty to thank him for his immense effort on our welfare.
Let’s thank him for guiding us, getting funny with our plays, for supporting us when we needed him, for helping us with our homework, and many more. So let us celebrate the father’s day and make it a memorable day for our father.

Fathers day coloring pages

fathers day

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Athletics – keeping moving 16 athlete coloring pages and pictures

athletics athlete womenMany students today are spending majority of their time in playing sports, training in particular sport and working hard to fare well. As an athlete, they face a large amount of competition and fight hard to wing their games and even harder to keep up their success. Being an athlete not only makes a student physically fit but also teaches him many values like teamwork, facing failures and hard work.

professional-athleteAn athlete never stops practicing. He always works on improving his abilities and never is content about his game play. He always strives to do better that the previous game. Today many of the professional athletes in our country are people from a simple family background but with great determination. So to become an athlete you must be determined to achieve your goals.
In India athletes are highly encouraged and our government provides a lot of help for them to fare well in their respective sports. They are also honored with many awards and cash prizes for outstanding achievements in their field of sports. So we must all practice some sport, also support and encourage the growing athletes around us.

Athletics coloring pages

athletics coloring pages 15,printable,coloring pages

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13 hard coloring page to print

Download collection of 13 hard coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls. You can select the image and save it to your smart device and desktop to print and color. Out from this set you can also find some adult coloring pages on hard added under common category. Share these hard coloring pages with your friends through Google+, Pinterest pins and Facebook shares.

hard coloring pages 11,printable,coloring pages

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Printable Toy story coloring pages

toy storyEvery kid owns a toy which he/she will never leave out of sight. But what when they do leave the toys around unattended? “Toy Story” is about the secret life of toys when nobody is around to watch them. A little kid named Andy, unlike most other kids, loves to stay in his room and play with his toys, especially his doll named “Woody”. However, when Andy is not in the room, Woody and other toys come to life. On Andy’s birthday, a new toy arrives, Buzz Lightyear, a space cadet who thinks of himself as a space ranger. Buzz becomes Andy’s new favorite and woody is eventually sidelined. Woody and Buzz Lightyear despise each other and end up falling in trouble.
Toy Story happens to be the story of these non-living toy dolls coming to life, going out in the real world, encountering bad deals and struggling hard trying to return home safely. Imagination in this story runs rampant when Woody and his friends and Buzz Lightyear become mobile when not watched. It’s is a fun movie to watch.

Toy story coloring pages

toy story coloring pagestoy-story coloring pages 14

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toy story coloring pagescoloring pages of toy-story

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toy story coloring pagestoy-story coloring page to print

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toy story coloring pagestoy-story coloring page

toy story coloring pagestoy-story coloring pages 13

toy story coloring pagesprintable toy-story coloring pages

toy story coloring pagestoy-story coloring pages printable

toy story coloring pagesprintable pictures of toy-story page

toy story coloring pagestoy-story coloring pages