11 Star fish coloring pages

Starfish are not actually real fishes, as the name suggests. They belong to the family of spiky skinned sea urchins and do not have any gills like other fishes do. They are of various colors, sizes and shapes, although they all resemble a star. There are more than 2000 species of starfishes and some species have more than 5 arms.
Starfishes have always been found in deeper parts of the ocean and along with coral reefs. They cannot survive in fresh water and live up to 40 years. One main aspect of a starfish is its ability to regenerate its lost arm. Hence they have been widely used as a model and test for study on organ regeneration or regrowth.
Starfishes sometimes give us the notion of watching stars in the sky. The resemblance between them is quiet high when they are witnessed over some illuminant starfishes. These wonders are now dwindling due to various reasons like global warming, death of coral reefs, etc. Hence we must work towards saving them as they are the only wonders of the ocean.

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