Mythological Dragons 35 Dragon coloring pages and pictures

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Dragons are fiery, rough, fire spitting creatures that are found only in the Chinese and European mythology. They were believed to be the dangerous creatures in the world and many mythical stories have been spun around them. Chinese worship the dragon and they also have a traditional dragon dance. Soon dragons were depicted as friendly, fun loving creatures by our feature films.
DragonsWith the worldwide release of movies like Eragon, Dragon heart, how to train your dragon, etc., they became a popular aspect in world cinemas. Children were no more afraid of dragon tales and they loved watching them on big screens. They were shown as friendly and loyal pets, so even the movies fared well in the box-office. Many children nowadays are happy to watch and learn about dragons.


Dragon dragon with riderIn the movie named How to train your Dragon, a local Viking boy becomes friendly with a dragon and starts learning about them. Starting from their diet, to their needs and calls, he tries to understand them and also works towards lifting the enmity between dragons and mankind and succeeds. Thus dragons have become close to mankind and lived in our hearts beyond the centuries.

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Dragon coloring pages

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