Glittering particles of Universe Stars coloring pages and pictures

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Have you ever looked at the skies during the night and wondered how these stars look bright? Have you ever spend some time in their presence and admired the beauty it has added to the skies? Yes, starts are the wonderful particles in space born within the clouds of dust and scattered throughout the universe.
We were born out of particles and matter that has evolved. The starts and the entire universe are also made of the same particles. Hence, somehow or the other start become a close relative of us. There are a lot of stars in the universe that are scattered many light years away from us. But whenever we happen to look at them, they never fail to amuse us.
Most of our childhood is spend making shapes and figures out of the stars. Some even make it a habit to count the stars and fall asleep under its grace. Some stars were our best friends and we shared our darkest secrets with them during one of our loneliest nights, they gave us peace when we lost all our hopes. They have been a part of us starting from out childhood until now, because even today, amidst our busy schedules, we always long for those simple moments that were spent under the stars.

Download collection of 10 star coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

Star coloring pages

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Stars clipart

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Star wallpaper backgrounds

Glittering particles of Universe Stars coloring pages and pictures