Bleating goats 18 goat coloring pages and pictures

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GoatGoats are very gentle animals and are easily tamable. We have been making use of goats from our prehistoric times. They were used as pets, for wool, milk and even flesh. Goats also stay close to their masters for their entire lives. They are very shy animals and always wish to maintain their own circle of friendship. They don’t usually get along with other persons who are not his master.

A goat feeds on plants, especially grass. They communicate with each other by bleating and each goat can recognize the bleat of another goat. They are also very intelligent and curious in nature. They always have a constant desire to explore and investigate the placed and unfamiliar surroundings. Hence there is always a shepherd to guide them, else they will easily get lost. The goats are also close to the shepherd and will remember to stick along with him once they are accustomed to him.

Goats can even be taught their names and we can easily train them to come to us when called by their names. They are also one among the 12 Chinese zodiac signs and they represent introversion, shyness, creativity and perfectionism. There is also a myth about them which depicts goats as responsible for the discovery of coffee. This is because in Ethiopia, a shepherd witnessed his goats behaving over active and energetic after eating some plants. Thus he stumbled upon coffee beans. Whether the myth is true or false, no one knows but we would always love the goats as they are very useful animals to mankind.

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Goat coloring pages

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Goats pictures

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Bleating goats 18 goat coloring pages and pictures