Fly up in sky 10 Helicopter coloring pages

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Helicopter coloring pages

The first helicopter was invented on 14th September, 1939. A helicopter is a kind of flying vessel in which force and thrust is used by the rotating fans, allowing it to take off from the ground and fly in any desired direction.

helicopter pictureHelicopters have a variety of uses in the modern world. They are used to carry soldiers for military purposes, flying ambulances for emergency relief for the patients in critical conditions, providing relief materials in case of severe natural calamities like floods and earthquakes and so on. What is more, during forest fires, helicopters are deployed to drop water sprays on the fire so as to extinguish them. Some huge helicopters are also used to lift houses and shift them from one place to the other.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of a helicopter is that it can fly backwards and even along the sideways path. They can even remain in the air at a particular spot without even moving a bit. A helicopter has a number of nicknames which include ‘chopper’, ‘whirly bird’ and even ‘copter’.
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Fly up in sky 10 Helicopter coloring pages