Meet the yellow family: Simpsons Coloring pages and Pictures

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Let me introduce you that popular TV series, which is about the family residing in the odd city of Springfield. Yes, you guessed that right! I am speaking about the Simpsons.

Simpsons coloring pages

The first ever program on the Simpsons was aired on 17th December, 1989. This is basically a popular TV show in America, and the name of the creator is Matt Groening.

This is basically a satire, which gives a clear pen picture of a middle class family in America. The members of the family include Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Since its starting in the year 1989, already more 583 episodes have been shown.

Simpsons characters the-simpsons 1

The father in this family works as an inspector of safety, in the nuclear power plant located in Springfield. Marge is the lady, married to him and a housewife as well. Bart, Lisa and Maggie are the children in this family of Simpsons. Snowball and Santa’s Little Helper are the two pets that live with the family have a major role to play too.


Meet the yellow family: Simpsons Coloring pages and Pictures