Teletubbies coloring pages and pictures toddlers love

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Teletubbies Coloring pages (2)


Have you watched the beautifully colored alien toddlers from outer space, lately?? Yes, I am speaking of the Teletubbies. The Teletubbies include a gang of toddlers who are multi colored, and include Tinky-Winky, Po, Dipsy, and Laa Laa.

You must be wondering, how did they acquire such a unique name? Well, it needs to be mentioned that these toddlers have a small television screen attached to their tummies. And as you know the short for television is ‘tele’, these little friends are hence called by the name Teletubbies.

Teletubbies Coloring pages

The live toddlers dwell on the beautiful landscapes filled with lush green vegetation as well as beautifully blooming flowers of myriads of varieties. Every time, you see these toddlers on T.V. a magical event occurs once.

Tinky-Winky is the oldest as well as the largest among them all. He has a purple color all over his body and a triangular shaped antenna on his head. Dipsy has such a name since his antenna on his head closely resembles a dipstick. He is green colored. Laa-Laa is yellow colored while Po is the youngest among them all and is red in color.

Teletubbies coloring pages and pictures toddlers love