Growing happiness 15 puppies coloring page and pictures



When you buy a new pup, it means you are bringing in a lot of happiness. You have bought in a new member to your family. He will definitely amaze you with his innocent mischiefs and will bring excitement to you in his path of learning’s. When I bought my dog years back as a pup, he was very gentle and was slow to learn things. He was always mad for the grass that grew in our garden. He made it a hobby to pull out the roots, much against the wishes of my grandmother and roll over them.

puppiesI started learning a lot of things from him. It was like we were growing old together. We spent some time chasing the birds. He was always there to talk to and with his smooth paws walked all around our house. He always appeared out of the blues whenever there was food on his bowl and guarded his bowl like it were his only universe. He loves running between our legs and was always at the door to welcome us.

Though he was quiet frightened by crackers, he still managed to cope up by hiding behind us when he was afraid. It was always fun to give him a bath as he always splashed and kicked all the water on us. Now that he is grown up into an adult dog, he is still our best friend and a good companion.

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Growing happiness 15 puppies coloring page and pictures