15 wolverine coloring pages for kids – sharp claws x-men

Download collection of 13 wolverine coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

Originally known as James Howlett, the Wolverine adopted the name of Logan to keep his identity a secret. Having a grave history, Logan was utilized as a weapon by the army, and was called Weapon X, when a metal known as adamantium was strongly bonded to his skeletal framework.


Wolverine Coloring pages

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Wolverine is perhaps the most interesting X-Men character of all times. Being a mutant, he has the abilities of agility and very fast healing powers, as compared to any natural human being. Suppose he is shot several times, but still he can recover from the gunshots within a few minutes. What is more, he has three sharp claws which protrude out from between his fingers.

The enhanced healing power helps him to become automatically immune to any poison or drug whatsoever. He was once trained as a spy, a samurai and also as a C.I.A. agent. What is more, he was trained in multiple fighting tactics as well as advanced computing systems. All these abilities and powers make him a special mutant and an affiliated member of the X-Men

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