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Exoskeleton buddies 16 crab coloring pages

Download collection of 16 crab coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

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The scientific, rather biological name for crabs is Brachyura. These belong to the kingdom Animalia, that is, they are a type of animals and they belong to Phylum Arthopoda.

They have a very small sized protruding tail. They generally dwell in the water bodies like ponds, lakes, seas and oceans, while some crabs also live on land. There are several varieties of crabs. Some of them include the hermit crabs, the porcelain crabs, the king crabs, the horseshoe crabs etc.

Crabs have a typical structure of body. They have a type of hard exoskeleton over their entire body. This hard crust or covering is basically made up of a compound called calcium carbonate. They also have a pair of sharp claws.

There are more than 850 species of crabs that dwell in freshwater, that is, fresh water lakes and ponds that do not have any salinity. One interesting fact about the crabs is that the male crabs have huge claws whereas the female crabs have claws that are smaller in size.

crab picture

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