Mothers day coloring pages 33 Pictures cards and cakes

Mother’s day has given us the chance to thank our mother for the unconditional love and support that she had been giving us. On this day, you must let your mother know how much you love her and appreciate her love. It is the day on which you can thank not only your mother but also every mother in this world. You can go thank your grandmother, your aunt or even a stranger who is carrying her child. All they need is your love and appreciation. Just a simple hug and a word of appreciation will do wonders.
A mother sacrifices almost everything like her time, sleep, health and capital for our welfare. She has undergone hours of pain for you to walk in this earth. She is the one who you trust for your entire lifetime. She is the first person who schools you and guides you. So when you take some time in thanking her for all her deeds, it would definitely make a great difference in both of you. So always love your mother and show back your love, through opportunities like the mother’s day.

Download collection of 13 mothers-day coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

mothers-day coloring pages 13,printable,coloring pages
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First superhero Fathers day coloring pages 22 pictures and cards

A father always turns out to be a superhero for his children. Every father is more than special; everyday he works hard just to give you a comfortable and happy life. Nothing is important to him other than you and nothing can devour his love for you. He cooks for you, plays with you, help you learn new things and above all loves you the most.
Fathers are the only men in the entire world, capable of bringing smile to your faces. He teaches you how to handle things all by yourselves and whenever you need a backup, he is always there for you. For daughters, fathers are the first love that they adore the most, while for sons fathers are their strongest friends who inspires them. They are always ready with the right kind of advice at the right situation. Hence it is our duty to thank him for his immense effort on our welfare.
Let’s thank him for guiding us, getting funny with our plays, for supporting us when we needed him, for helping us with our homework, and many more. So let us celebrate the father’s day and make it a memorable day for our father.

Fathers day coloring pages

fathers day

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