45 Race car coloring pages and crafts cakes for kids

Cars have always caught us off guard, as we have run a car from one room to another with our friends trailing behind us. We have raced cars of different colors or sizes and spent our childhood as an unbeatable fictional racer. We all have once bragged about our collection of toy cars with hoods, colorful headlights, remote controlled ones, etc and often end up with a broken tire and above all a long drawn face. We have even spent out adolescence by counting on the number of cars and looking out for the best cars that go past us during our travels.
Now we are all grown up but our craze for cars has shifted from toys to the real racing cars. We all would have had a collection of posters containing the images of Lamborghini, Ferrari, The dodge challenger, etc. Today we play a number of racing games, where we are equipped with the fastest cars in the virtual world and beat our friends in the online game play. Though the real racing cars are far from our reach we have created a virtual world for ourselves, which is filled with all sorts of cars. So the next time when you pass by one of your old friends, you would definitely wonder if he still has the Aston Martin that you broke years back while playing in the backyard.

Download collection of 13 race-car coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

Race car coloring pages

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