Cute Monkey 13 Curious George coloring pages for kids

Download collection of 13 curious-george coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

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Let me have the privilege to introduce you the most curious and inquisitive animal who is often seen with a man with the yellow hat. Any guesses?? Yes, your guess is quite  right! I am indeed speaking of Curious George.

Curious George was initially captured by the man with the yellow hat. It is he, who takes him to one of the shops in a huge city. There Curious George was to live inside a zoo. However, it was not long before George made a plan and successfully managed to escape from the zoo. After his escape, he had several adventures, until the man with the yellow hat again found Curious George. But this time, he took George home, along with him so as to live with him at his own home.

The man in the yellow hat shows up many a times, during the adventures faced by Curious George. He is often referred to as the friend of George and Curious George is often associated with him.

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