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The story starts with the backdrop in a small town greatly affected by pollution. A boy living there goes on to visit an odd person named Once-ler, who is soon seen to chop off the Truffula trees. It is at this juncture that Lorax appears.

To speak in a nutshell, Lorax speaks the grief and pain of these trees, because the trees themselves are unable to speak out their plea. But as usual the Once-ler ignore him and goes on to make a profitable business.

At the climax, it is seen that finally the Once-ler feels that he was wrong, when he experienced a shutdown of his business due to the scarcity of the Truffula trees. But as is said, it is never too late to mend, the Once-ler advises the boy to plant Truffula seeds so that it can again get forested and Lorax can come back to the Truffula forest to live happily.

Written by Dr Seuss and published in the year 1971, this book for children stars the charming creature by the name of Lorax.

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