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Let me introduce one of the most popular Muppet characters, who stars during the final fifteen minutes on the popular children’s show named, Sesame Street. Yes, you got that right! I am speaking about the red, furry and sweet male baby monster whose age is not more than three and a half years, whose birthday is celebrated on the 3rd day of February. Elmo has a little orange nose.

This sweet little red monster is petered as well as voiced by Ryan Dillon. One interesting fact I would like to share with you all is that, Elmo always talks in the third person. Suppose, Elmo wants a chocolate. He will say,”Elmo wants chocolate.” This is one sweet characteristic feature of this red monster.

To speak of his family, it needs to be mentioned that his parents are Mae and Louie. His sister is Daisy, and Mimsy is his cousin. He is an American and has a gold fish by the name of Dorothy as his pet. He even has an aunt and an uncle, Funella Furchester and Furgus Fuzz respectively.

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