Colors of nature 21 Butterfly coloring pages and pictures

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butterfly (2)Butterflies are God’s way of creating beautiful creatures like others in this world. They are flying insects with extremely beautiful artistic and scaly wings. Like all other insects, butterflies too have six jointed legs, three parts of body- head, the thorax (chest) and abdomen with attached tail in the end, a pair of antennae, exoskeleton and pair of compound eyes. The body of the butterfly is covered with small sensory hair. The four wings and six legs are connected to the thorax, that is, the chest. The thorax however contains muscles that enable the legs and the wings to move back and forth.
ButterflyThe wings of a butterfly are colorful, and covered with iridescent scales that overlap each other. Butterflies are able to fly only if their body temperature is above 86 degrees. They can keep themselves warm during winter and the color of their wings change as they age old. The lifecycle of a butterfly consist of four stages: Egg, Larva, Pupa and the Adult. Butterflies consume leaves as their food. As pretty as they sound their fastest flying rate is 30 mph and slowest would be 5 mph.


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Colors of nature 21 Butterfly coloring pages and pictures