Athletics – keeping moving 16 athlete coloring pages and pictures

athletics athlete womenMany students today are spending majority of their time in playing sports, training in particular sport and working hard to fare well. As an athlete, they face a large amount of competition and fight hard to wing their games and even harder to keep up their success. Being an athlete not only makes a student physically fit but also teaches him many values like teamwork, facing failures and hard work.

professional-athleteAn athlete never stops practicing. He always works on improving his abilities and never is content about his game play. He always strives to do better that the previous game. Today many of the professional athletes in our country are people from a simple family background but with great determination. So to become an athlete you must be determined to achieve your goals.
In India athletes are highly encouraged and our government provides a lot of help for them to fare well in their respective sports. They are also honored with many awards and cash prizes for outstanding achievements in their field of sports. So we must all practice some sport, also support and encourage the growing athletes around us.

Athletics coloring pages

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Athletics – keeping moving 16 athlete coloring pages and pictures