Wish for an angel 15 Angel coloring pages and pictures

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I have always had this weird idea of owning an impalpable angel, though that’s not practically possible. But if I get one, I would do wonders with it. Think about the late night homework’s, getting banned from televisions and staying at home studying for the exams. Well the thought is definitely of great distaste, but I would change all these with my angel. I will ask her to finish my works with a swish of her magic wand.
angelWith the growing violence around the world, we are taught to live in endurance towards it. If I had an angel with me I will change this attitude of people or ask my angel to stop all these people from fighting and give them what they seek for. I will stop the environment from getting polluted. I will ask her to swish her wand and bring more rain forests that help in keeping our earth cool and reduce global warming.
I would also ask her to change the mindsets of people and make them treat every person equally and help one another, without any vengeance amongst them. But I don’t have an angel to make a better world and I wish someday I would get one and will spring into action with my angel friend.


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Wish for an angel 15 Angel coloring pages and pictures