Forgotten Heroes 12 veterans day coloring pages

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Veterans are the fighters who have served in our country’s defense fields years ago. They had spent all their lives for the country and its welfare by guarding us and fighting wars for us. Today they are retired people who settle with a newspaper at their homes. When we cross them we only see an old man in his armchair, we forget to understand the history behind him.
They live in a quiet place with memories both happy and painful that will never be known to the people around him. He would have fought a deadly war, lost his love or friends and did put great effort in shaping the country. Every veteran has a history to tell. Today most of the veterans are left unnoticed, not recognized, they are simply treated as old men.
If we take time and talk to them, we may come to know of various histories that were not prescribed in our syllabus or were never recorded. The forgotten heroes must be valued and praised because they are the reason that we live a good life today.

Download collection of 12 veterans-day coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

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