Exciting game: Baseball coloring pages and pictures

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baseball clipartTo speak of this simple game that is played just with a bat and a ball, it needs to be mentioned that this is a game played with nine members and with two teams.

This wonderful and exciting game was first played in the 18th century in England. After this, it began gaining popularity by leaps and bounds.

In this game, the person who bats tries to score as many runs as he can, after hitting the ball. However, the person who balls tries to oppose him in the sense that he tries to prevent him from making a large number of runs.

Presently, this game is widely known as the pastime of America. However, this game is very much popular in other countries as well. In this game, the bat is the hitting tool, and the size of the baseball is almost similar to the size of the fist of an adult person, which is almost 9 inches approximately. Helmets are also used in this game for protection.

Exciting game: Baseball coloring pages and pictures