Metamorphosis 20 caterpillar coloring pages and pictures

Perhaps one of the most interesting creature on this planet is the caterpillar. To start with it, let me just mention what it actually is. It is the crawling larva from which a butterfly comes to existence.

caterpillar (3)The caterpillars are in general herbivores, but some of them are even carnivore, that is, they eat insects. The caterpillars are always hungry and munch all the time. While crawling almost all the time, they go on eating until; they form a silky coating all over their bodies with the help of their saliva. It is during this particular time, that they form a pupa and after a long sleep, a beautiful and attractive butterfly emerges out.

caterpillar (1)The caterpillars have different colors, and it generally depends on what plants they feed upon. To protect themselves from predators, some even have bristles or hair all over their body.

caterpillar (2)The caterpillar symbolizes the metamorphosis, that is, the change into something beautiful. It may take even several months for the caterpillar to transform into a butterfly or a moth. Surprising….isn’t it?

Download collection of 14 caterpillar coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

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