Tulips flowers coloring pages and Tulips Crafts : spring is here

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Perhaps one of the most beautiful flowers that you can p[possibly think of is the Tulips. Yes, I am definitely speaking of the beautiful flowering plants that belong to the lily family, and found mostly in several parts of Eurasia as well as North Africa.

Tulips Coloring pages

Well, as a matter of fact, the tulips grow and blossom mainly during the spring season. The size of the tulip plants can be as small as 4 inches and even as big as 28 inches. The larger version of the tulip plants has a large number of leaves.
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You can find several varieties of tulips and what is more, there are so many color variations that differ as the species of tulip plants differ. One interesting fact, which you may not know is that this beautiful flower, has derived its name from tuilpe or tulipa, which actually means turban. In fact, the tulip flower has a close resemblance to the shape of the turbans, people wear. Last but not the least; I must say that the tulips are mostly seen in the mountainous regions.

Tulips Crafts

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Mothers Day Bouquet Plastic Fork Tulips Craft VIA


Spring Crafts for kids Tulips flowers


Spring Flowers with Fork


Tulip flowers printable and create


Tulips Paper craft for kids


DIY Paper Chocolate Tulips


Crochet Tulip flowers


Do it yourself Crepe Paper Tulips


Mushroom kingdom 14 Mario coloring pages

marioEvery one of us would have played Super Mario Bros. from out electronic game box or would have watched our brothers playing with it. Here the hero Mario sets out on a journey of various worlds and levels to save a princess who has been held captive by a cruel dragon. In a multiplayer mode he is accompanied by his brother Luigi as he travels through the mushroom Kingdom.
The game play was fun as Mario has to race through various levels and stages of mushroom kingdom, while collecting all the hidden coins. He is aided by the hidden super powers like Mushroom power that helps Mario grow up. Also, there is a flower power that gives shooting ability to Mario. He shoots fire balls, jumps and kills to tackle all the enemies coming opposite him. Different types and kinds of enemies like the flying tortoise, sloth, hidden thorns, etc must be crossed without losing the lives in order to cross a stage.
This game always was our favorite and even today we like to snuggle in and play the game if we get time. Mario was the first video game character that was our world once. With its many hidden worlds and interesting game plays, it caught millions of hearts and is a favorite game for many even today.

Mario coloring pages

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Carved out of wood 15 Pinocchio coloring pages and pictures


PinocchioThe famous fictional character as well as the hero of Carlo Collodi’s novel, The Adventures of Pinocchio is here. Yes, you have guessed that right!  I am indeed talking of Pinocchio, who came into existence after being carved out of wood by Geppetto. Pinocchio is, in fact, a marionette.

Although he was a mere puppet, he never ever stopped dreaming of becoming a human boy. One interesting fact, which I really need to mention about Pinocchio, is that he never quits telling lies. And once he tells a lie, his nose keeps on growing. Funny, isn’t it? What is more, he has a nasty habit of getting influenced by bad companies. This is perhaps the reason, due to which he often lands himself in trouble and is always under stress, which is another significant cause for the elongation of his pointed nose.

PinocchioHe usually wears a hat which is created from bread, and clothes that are manufactured from flower papers. In spite of his naughty and mischievous nature, this little boy is everyone’s favorite. Download collection of 12 Pinocchio coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.



Pinocchio Coloring pages


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42 printable flower coloring pages

Download collection of 42 flower coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls. You can select the image and save it to your smart device and desktop to print and color. Out from this set you can also find some adult coloring pages on flower added under nature category. Share these flower coloring pages with your friends through Google+, Pinterest pins and Facebook shares.

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