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Download collection of 15 hello-kitty coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

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Let me introduce that sweet little kitty was created by Yuko Shimizu. Yes, you are absolutely right! I am indeed speaking of Hello kitty, which is commonly known as Kitty White. She is everyone’s favorite and appears with a milk white bobtail cat with a Japanese background, which has a cute, red, little bow tie near her forehead.

Hello kitty Hello kitty picture

Hello Kitty first came out among the people in the year 1974 in Japan, when purses had her picture printed on them. Soon, her popularity started spreading by leaps and bounds all over the world.

Well, she was said to have been born in the suburban areas of London, England on 1st November. She is a bright as well as a soft hearted girl in the family. She is as high as 5 apples taken together and her weight is approximately the combination of the weight of three apples.

She has a twin sister also, by the name of Mimmy, who is extremely shy. They have humorous, but absent-minded father. Their mother, Mary is an excellent cook.

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