Beauty and the beast coloring pages and pictures

Beauty and the beastLong ago, in a distant kingdom lived a hideous beast. One day a merchant accidentally stepped into his castle premises and hence he had to give one of his daughters to the beast, to be spared of his life. The merchant agreed and thus a young lady named Belle, the merchant’s younger daughter happened to live with the beast. As days passed, Belle understood that the beast was the kindest at the heart. The beast also took care of her and stayed with her all the time. The beast became the kindest and dearest friend of hers.
In our lives too we happen to meet a lot of people. Many a time we give way for physical appearances and despise some people who are the kindest at heart. We are shielded from the real beauty that lies behind their hardened faces. The story of Beauty and the beast, tells us a lot about the real kind of charm. Every day we meet different people like neighbors, friends, chuffers, bakers, etc. We must always show respect and love toward them unconditional of how they may appear to you. Because they have a kind heart that will return you with the same love that you give them. So always keep in mind that, every person has a heart and deserved to be loved and not despised, and never judge anyone by their appearance.

Beauty and the beast coloring pages

Beauty and the beast

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45 Race car coloring pages and crafts cakes for kids

Cars have always caught us off guard, as we have run a car from one room to another with our friends trailing behind us. We have raced cars of different colors or sizes and spent our childhood as an unbeatable fictional racer. We all have once bragged about our collection of toy cars with hoods, colorful headlights, remote controlled ones, etc and often end up with a broken tire and above all a long drawn face. We have even spent out adolescence by counting on the number of cars and looking out for the best cars that go past us during our travels.
Now we are all grown up but our craze for cars has shifted from toys to the real racing cars. We all would have had a collection of posters containing the images of Lamborghini, Ferrari, The dodge challenger, etc. Today we play a number of racing games, where we are equipped with the fastest cars in the virtual world and beat our friends in the online game play. Though the real racing cars are far from our reach we have created a virtual world for ourselves, which is filled with all sorts of cars. So the next time when you pass by one of your old friends, you would definitely wonder if he still has the Aston Martin that you broke years back while playing in the backyard.

Download collection of 13 race-car coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

Race car coloring pages

race-car coloring page to print,printable,coloring pages

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Evil fighter batman coloring pages 34 pictures crafts and cakes for kids

The first ever superhero that I was crazy about was none other than the Batman. And he was the only superhero with no superhuman powers. The Batman franchise always brought out the best heroes and villains of all time. A common man who was afraid of bats, starts fighting the evil in the society by overcoming his fear. The villain named the joker is also a mentally disturbed man, who turns evil due to the negligence of the society. Here both the hero Batman and the villain are simple men who are the outcome of various faces of the society.
Download collection of 13 batman coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls. For coloring batman you need black color for bats and his logo, Grey or dark purple for batman’s suit and yellow color for his belt and batman logo background color. Kids can make use of colorful crayons or rather than sketch pens as crayons play better in printed coloring sheets.

Batman coloring pages

batman coloring pages
Coloring pages of batman

batman coloring pages

batman coloring pages

batman coloring pages
batman coloring pages majestic batman

batman coloring pages







The comic taught me that to be a superhero, you do not need to posses any superhuman powers rather a strong and determined mind makes a person a hero. Hero’s are not born; they are just common men who turn into one, when time needs them. We are all the superheroes of our generation. It is time for us to come out of our hideout. The place we live in has already brought out adequate villains for us to fight against. It time for us now as a hero is in needed. Welcome…!! Hero’s lets fight against terror, violence, pollution, fight for humanity and heed for the need of a superhero.


Batman pictures

Batman wallpapers

Batman cakes

Batman crafts

Mothers day coloring pages 33 Pictures cards and cakes

Mother’s day has given us the chance to thank our mother for the unconditional love and support that she had been giving us. On this day, you must let your mother know how much you love her and appreciate her love. It is the day on which you can thank not only your mother but also every mother in this world. You can go thank your grandmother, your aunt or even a stranger who is carrying her child. All they need is your love and appreciation. Just a simple hug and a word of appreciation will do wonders.
A mother sacrifices almost everything like her time, sleep, health and capital for our welfare. She has undergone hours of pain for you to walk in this earth. She is the one who you trust for your entire lifetime. She is the first person who schools you and guides you. So when you take some time in thanking her for all her deeds, it would definitely make a great difference in both of you. So always love your mother and show back your love, through opportunities like the mother’s day.

Download collection of 13 mothers-day coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

mothers-day coloring pages 13,printable,coloring pages
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Alligator coloring pages 27 pictures crafts and cliparts

Alligators are huge, carnivorous reptiles that can live both on land and water. They are close associates of the crocodile family. They live in fresh or brackish water sources, like swamps, rivers, canals, ponds, etc. Their tail is about half the length of their body and they feed on small fishes, insects, small animals, etc. Alligators can hold their breath for almost an hour and thus stay under water for a long time.
But these animal wonders have become an endangered species today. Many alligators are poached for its skin and meat nowadays. Poachers have started selling products like purses, belts, etc made from alligator skin leather. So this species is almost about to be wiped clean from the earth. In many countries like Florida, USA, India, Etc many organizations and animal lovers have joined hands to stop poaching and poaching is also declared as an illegal activity by all the governments of the world. While humans are poaching for its leather, other factors like loss of wetlands and drying up of lakes has also lead to the loss of many alligators. We must take initiatives to save this species from extinction.
Download collection of 12 alligator coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

Alligator coloring pages

alligator coloring page,printable,coloring pages

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Gymnastics coloring pages 37 pictures quotes and clipart

Gymnastics is nothing but a sport that involves extraordinary skills, agility, grace and mental fitness. It is a different kind of sport where you are required to bend and stretch various parts of your body. Though gymnastics is not much popular in India, it has been one of the most acclaimed sports in many developed countries. More than just for fun, gymnastics is usually approached with a holistic viewpoint because it promotes self-confidence more than physical fitness.
Gymnastics is an easy sport for children, as their bones and muscles bend easily when compared to adults. Cognitive development is faster in children, who practice gymnastics because they have better spatial awareness this improves their thinking and problem solving ability. Hence it is advised to learn gymnastic, starting from your childhood. Today many of the gymnasts, who score well in the Olympics, have been practicing the sport from their childhood and also seem to fare well in various walks of their life.
Besides numerous health benefits, gymnastics also imparts various social values and develop qualities of teamwork, dedication and healthy competition. Apart from yielding fitness and physical health it is also a leisure time fun activity. Hence you can definitely go for gymnastics, to lead a healthy and soulful life.

Download collection of 15 gymnastics coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.


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14 kids coloring pages adult flowers

Download collection of 14 adult-flowers coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls. You can select the image and save it to your smart device and desktop to print and color. Out from this set you can also find some adult coloring pages on adult-flowers added under nature category. Share these adult-flowers coloring pages with your friends through Google+, Pinterest pins and Facebook shares.

adult-flowers coloring pages for kids,printable,coloring pages

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Bob the builder coloring pages and pictures – Lets build

Hey kids!!! Got something to be fixed. Just call over bob and his tool mates, Wendy, Leo, Lofty, Muck and Scoop. Bob not only builds for Spring City, he will always be ready to spring into action to take care of your building works. With an eye for spotting the problems, she can come in handy for all your electronic works. Her quick wits may amaze you. You must also get to know scoop, as he is the yellow digger and the hard workmen in bobs team. Then goes Leo, the catastrophic apprentice of Bob and Wendy. He is good with tools but always brings on some havoc. This tech-savvy is very desperate to become a builder himself.
You must be happy to meet Muck, the dump truck. Just like us he loves to get muddy. Oh, don’t worry! You can always find him in a pool of dirt digging his way through. But be careful with Lofty, he is a bit introverted. He is always ready with the tools and materials that bob requires for building his city. This mobile crane is very shy, so get to know him well before seeking his help.
Guess our team is ready, so what are we going to build for today? A Park, a castle or a farm. Whatever it is, you are about to get the busy with Mr. Fix It.

bob-the-builder coloring pages 14,printable,coloring pages
Bob the builder coloring pages bob and Wendy building

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Nocturnal Bird Owl coloring pages 34 pictures cartoon clip arts

Owl pictures

Ever wondered what that hooting sound that you heard in the night was! Do you know about these wonderful birds called owls? Owls are your nocturnal friends, who always seem invisible to you. They hunt and feed only during the night time. During the day they spend their valuable time with their family. Yes, they are divergent to us. Maybe that’s the reason we miss watching these wonderful birds.
Do you know that a group of owls is called as a Parliament? This name was coined by C.S.Lewis in his novels called The Chronicles of Narnia. They can watch you from their hideout by just turning their heads. Seems wonderful right!! It’s because they can turn their heads as far as 270 degrees. These farsighted friends feed on insects, small mammals and some birds.
In the wizarding world of Harry Potter, owls are used to deliver mails. So we always miss watching theOwlm flying past us carrying the posts of some of our favorite wizards. They have very soft feathers that make their flight noiseless. Thus they always give a shrieking surprise to their prey by catching them unnoticed. Next time when you get an opportunity to go out at night, be ready to have a lookout for them as they may be watching you.

To color these owl coloring pages you may need list of following colors as crayons or colorful sketches. You may need brown and grey colors for owl body and green and bright colors for background trees and flowers. You can also get color idea inspiration from the owl colored pictures added here.

Owl Coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

Owl Pictures

Owl clipart

Owl cartoon

First superhero Fathers day coloring pages 22 pictures and cards

A father always turns out to be a superhero for his children. Every father is more than special; everyday he works hard just to give you a comfortable and happy life. Nothing is important to him other than you and nothing can devour his love for you. He cooks for you, plays with you, help you learn new things and above all loves you the most.
Fathers are the only men in the entire world, capable of bringing smile to your faces. He teaches you how to handle things all by yourselves and whenever you need a backup, he is always there for you. For daughters, fathers are the first love that they adore the most, while for sons fathers are their strongest friends who inspires them. They are always ready with the right kind of advice at the right situation. Hence it is our duty to thank him for his immense effort on our welfare.
Let’s thank him for guiding us, getting funny with our plays, for supporting us when we needed him, for helping us with our homework, and many more. So let us celebrate the father’s day and make it a memorable day for our father.

Fathers day coloring pages

fathers day

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