Bob the builder coloring pages and pictures – Lets build

Hey kids!!! Got something to be fixed. Just call over bob and his tool mates, Wendy, Leo, Lofty, Muck and Scoop. Bob not only builds for Spring City, he will always be ready to spring into action to take care of your building works. With an eye for spotting the problems, she can come in handy for all your electronic works. Her quick wits may amaze you. You must also get to know scoop, as he is the yellow digger and the hard workmen in bobs team. Then goes Leo, the catastrophic apprentice of Bob and Wendy. He is good with tools but always brings on some havoc. This tech-savvy is very desperate to become a builder himself.
You must be happy to meet Muck, the dump truck. Just like us he loves to get muddy. Oh, don’t worry! You can always find him in a pool of dirt digging his way through. But be careful with Lofty, he is a bit introverted. He is always ready with the tools and materials that bob requires for building his city. This mobile crane is very shy, so get to know him well before seeking his help.
Guess our team is ready, so what are we going to build for today? A Park, a castle or a farm. Whatever it is, you are about to get the busy with Mr. Fix It.

bob-the-builder coloring pages 14,printable,coloring pages
Bob the builder coloring pages bob and Wendy building

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Morning bird 14 rooster coloring pages

roosterIf you have ever gone to a chicken farm or a village, then the chances are high that you have seen a rooster. I remember the rooster as a huge, bright colored feathery bird that used to crow early in the morning, by sitting on a fence opposite to my room. I generally grew up in a village and hence have seen him almost daily. I have watched them scratching and clawing the ground, all day long.
They seemed to be always lost in thought and pecking around the house searching for their share of worms, grains, slug or similar food stuffs. Rooster will also crow with a strange noise that could be heard often. It will communicate with other hens and roosters in the locality and also crow in response to some other harmless bird’s calls.
The rooster in my house used to crow around the same time daily, as if it was destined to do so. He was used to a certain routine that he would stick to. He always looked majestic to me and even today while I get up with the noises from the city, I wish I had a simple green farm and a rooster to wake me in the morning.

Rooster coloring pages

rooster coloring pages,printable,coloring pages

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16 kids coloring pages farm

Download collection of 16 farm coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls. You can select the image and save it to your smart device and desktop to print and color. Out from this set you can also find some adult coloring pages on farm added under animals category. Share these farm coloring pages with your friends through Google+, Pinterest pins and Facebook shares.

farm coloring pages for kids,printable,coloring pages

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