No spooky wooky 26 ghost coloring pages

We naturally fear the dark afraid of some evil presence in it. We have grown watching movies and series on ghosts. We have been frightened by the animated, disgusting and badly looking figure that comes out of nowhere and suddenly occupies our television screens. Even as children we have been entertained with frightening stories of monsters and ghosts.
But the real question is do ghosts really exist? Some people may believe it does but I strongly believe that it does not exist. I have never witnessed it outside television or big screens. They have always present in myths and stories in cultures all around the world, but never seem to be alive rather that in stories.
Even the evidences of ghost sightings are all fake to be believed and scientists all around the world clearly state that after the death of a person, the energy is transferred back to the environment just like in case of death of a dog or a plant. It’s only the people who do not believe in its truth that they wrongly believe in ghosts, though they have never seen one. I hope that we soon become non believers and keep the subject of ghosts only for fun and entertainment.

Ghost coloring pages

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