Lets color 14 Soccer coloring pages

There are numerous varieties of sports in different parts of the world, but one sport that have been known and played in every nook and corner is the soccer. Soccer is very popular because it is a simple sport and unites every walks of people under one roof called as sportsman spirit. You just require a ball to practice soccer. It can also be played by a single person and also involved a lot of physical activity. The game is usually played between two teams with eleven players on each side.

Soccer was known to have originated in ancient Greece, where they employed a circular round ball made of rice husks to play the game. Also early Chinese have played a ball game similar to soccer, where they are not allowed to touch the ball, but only kick it. Eventually the game spread to different parts of the world and has become the most entertaining game of the century. This game is now played worldwide by all the countries. In India soccer or football has become a common street game next to cricket.

Soccer coloring pages


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