Tulips flowers coloring pages and Tulips Crafts : spring is here

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Perhaps one of the most beautiful flowers that you can p[possibly think of is the Tulips. Yes, I am definitely speaking of the beautiful flowering plants that belong to the lily family, and found mostly in several parts of Eurasia as well as North Africa.

Tulips Coloring pages

Well, as a matter of fact, the tulips grow and blossom mainly during the spring season. The size of the tulip plants can be as small as 4 inches and even as big as 28 inches. The larger version of the tulip plants has a large number of leaves.
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You can find several varieties of tulips and what is more, there are so many color variations that differ as the species of tulip plants differ. One interesting fact, which you may not know is that this beautiful flower, has derived its name from tuilpe or tulipa, which actually means turban. In fact, the tulip flower has a close resemblance to the shape of the turbans, people wear. Last but not the least; I must say that the tulips are mostly seen in the mountainous regions.

Tulips Crafts

Printable Tulips VIA


Mothers Day Bouquet Plastic Fork Tulips Craft VIA


Spring Crafts for kids Tulips flowers


Spring Flowers with Fork


Tulip flowers printable and create


Tulips Paper craft for kids


DIY Paper Chocolate Tulips


Crochet Tulip flowers


Do it yourself Crepe Paper Tulips


Thor coloring pages and Thor Birthday Party Ideas : Lightning Semi God

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Thor The Semi god

Let me introduce the great and mighty God who wields his huge and heavy hammer! Yes, I am talking of the mighty Thor!

Thor is the God who symbolizes strength, lightning, thunder, storms as well as the oak trees. Legend has it that the mighty Thor was given the sole responsibility to protect mankind from any type of potential dangers.

Thor coloring pages

Thor coloring pages (3) Thor coloring pages (4) Thor coloring pages (5) Thor coloring pages (6) Thor coloring pages (7) Thor coloring pages (8) Thor coloring pages (1) Thor coloring pages (2)

The name of this mighty God is synonymous with the common day of our week, Thursday. And this mighty God is portrayed as one of the mighty Avengers, who also help the S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect the world and the mankind.

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The name of Thor’s father is Odin. The name of the huge and mighty hammer which is possessed by him is known as Mjolnir. Some of his prime enemies include the Absorbing Man, the Wrecker and the Destroyer. After the death of his father, this mighty God of Thunder and Lightning becomes the king of Asgard. Similar to other members and residents of Asgard, Thor has a very long life span.

Thor Birthday Party Ideas

Avengers Party Thor Hammer


Throw the Thor Hammer


Marvel Avengers Party Idea Thor Hammer Cupcake



Avengers Party Ideas Thor Hammer sticks


Birthday Bash Inspired by Avengers Thor


Thor Hammer


Avengers Party Ideas Food and Thor’s Hammer Throw Game


Superhero Cake Third Birthday Cake


Marvel Avengers Party Idea Thor Hammer Cupcake


Jumping Jack Thor Printable Toy


Super Hero Birthday Party Inspiration


Thor Hammer Sticks


Superhero Birthday Party Through it Yourself


Superman coloring pages and Pictures of Man of Steel

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Up above in the sky……flying so high!! Neither is it a plane, nor a bird! Yes, you got that right, I’m speaking of Superman. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman often called as the Man of Steel, due to his superhuman powers and abilities. Some of his super powers include x-ray vision, heat vision, super strength, freezing breath and endurance to name a few.

Superman coloring pages


Superman wallpaper

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His original name is Kal- El, and he hails from a planet named Krypton. When the planet was on the verge of destruction, Kal-El was sent to Earth by means of a small space shuttle. It is on earth, that he adopted the name of Clark Kent.

Some of his friendly superheroes include Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green arrow etc. His dreaded enemies include Solomon Grundy, Darkseid, Lex Luthor and Doomsday to name a few. With the help of his friends he fights for justice and at the end saves the day! In his later life, he goes on to marry his colleague Lois Lane, who worked along with him in the Daily Planet, as reporters.

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Bleating goats 18 goat coloring pages and pictures

GoatGoats are very gentle animals and are easily tamable. We have been making use of goats from our prehistoric times. They were used as pets, for wool, milk and even flesh. Goats also stay close to their masters for their entire lives. They are very shy animals and always wish to maintain their own circle of friendship. They don’t usually get along with other persons who are not his master.

A goat feeds on plants, especially grass. They communicate with each other by bleating and each goat can recognize the bleat of another goat. They are also very intelligent and curious in nature. They always have a constant desire to explore and investigate the placed and unfamiliar surroundings. Hence there is always a shepherd to guide them, else they will easily get lost. The goats are also close to the shepherd and will remember to stick along with him once they are accustomed to him.

Goats can even be taught their names and we can easily train them to come to us when called by their names. They are also one among the 12 Chinese zodiac signs and they represent introversion, shyness, creativity and perfectionism. There is also a myth about them which depicts goats as responsible for the discovery of coffee. This is because in Ethiopia, a shepherd witnessed his goats behaving over active and energetic after eating some plants. Thus he stumbled upon coffee beans. Whether the myth is true or false, no one knows but we would always love the goats as they are very useful animals to mankind.

Download collection of 14 goat coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls. Share these goat coloring pages with your friends through Google+, Pinterest pins and Facebook shares.

Goat coloring pages

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goat coloring pages 14,printable,coloring pages

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goat coloring page,printable,coloring pages

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printable pictures of goat page,printable,coloring pages
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Goats pictures

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Beauty and the beast coloring pages and pictures

Beauty and the beastLong ago, in a distant kingdom lived a hideous beast. One day a merchant accidentally stepped into his castle premises and hence he had to give one of his daughters to the beast, to be spared of his life. The merchant agreed and thus a young lady named Belle, the merchant’s younger daughter happened to live with the beast. As days passed, Belle understood that the beast was the kindest at the heart. The beast also took care of her and stayed with her all the time. The beast became the kindest and dearest friend of hers.
In our lives too we happen to meet a lot of people. Many a time we give way for physical appearances and despise some people who are the kindest at heart. We are shielded from the real beauty that lies behind their hardened faces. The story of Beauty and the beast, tells us a lot about the real kind of charm. Every day we meet different people like neighbors, friends, chuffers, bakers, etc. We must always show respect and love toward them unconditional of how they may appear to you. Because they have a kind heart that will return you with the same love that you give them. So always keep in mind that, every person has a heart and deserved to be loved and not despised, and never judge anyone by their appearance.

Beauty and the beast coloring pages

Beauty and the beast

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Nocturnal Bird Owl coloring pages 34 pictures cartoon clip arts

Owl pictures

Ever wondered what that hooting sound that you heard in the night was! Do you know about these wonderful birds called owls? Owls are your nocturnal friends, who always seem invisible to you. They hunt and feed only during the night time. During the day they spend their valuable time with their family. Yes, they are divergent to us. Maybe that’s the reason we miss watching these wonderful birds.
Do you know that a group of owls is called as a Parliament? This name was coined by C.S.Lewis in his novels called The Chronicles of Narnia. They can watch you from their hideout by just turning their heads. Seems wonderful right!! It’s because they can turn their heads as far as 270 degrees. These farsighted friends feed on insects, small mammals and some birds.
In the wizarding world of Harry Potter, owls are used to deliver mails. So we always miss watching theOwlm flying past us carrying the posts of some of our favorite wizards. They have very soft feathers that make their flight noiseless. Thus they always give a shrieking surprise to their prey by catching them unnoticed. Next time when you get an opportunity to go out at night, be ready to have a lookout for them as they may be watching you.

To color these owl coloring pages you may need list of following colors as crayons or colorful sketches. You may need brown and grey colors for owl body and green and bright colors for background trees and flowers. You can also get color idea inspiration from the owl colored pictures added here.

Owl Coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

owl coloring pages

Owl Pictures

Owl clipart

Owl cartoon

First superhero Fathers day coloring pages 22 pictures and cards

A father always turns out to be a superhero for his children. Every father is more than special; everyday he works hard just to give you a comfortable and happy life. Nothing is important to him other than you and nothing can devour his love for you. He cooks for you, plays with you, help you learn new things and above all loves you the most.
Fathers are the only men in the entire world, capable of bringing smile to your faces. He teaches you how to handle things all by yourselves and whenever you need a backup, he is always there for you. For daughters, fathers are the first love that they adore the most, while for sons fathers are their strongest friends who inspires them. They are always ready with the right kind of advice at the right situation. Hence it is our duty to thank him for his immense effort on our welfare.
Let’s thank him for guiding us, getting funny with our plays, for supporting us when we needed him, for helping us with our homework, and many more. So let us celebrate the father’s day and make it a memorable day for our father.

Fathers day coloring pages

fathers day

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Spotted racer Deer coloring pages 33 Pictures and cliparts

It was a long walk and I was exhausted during one of my trips to the zoo. It happened years back and I happened to see a spotted deer for the first time. Having watched them in cartoons and posters, the real ones stuck my eyes with awe. There were more than 20 of them with those strange white spots on their orange fur. They looked tired and were gazing lazily away from the fence.

Though I was excited to watch them, it also dawned on me that these racers well held captives there. They looked like they were tired of the human population around them and turned away their sorrowful faces. Having watched them over the television running around gleefully on the forests and to see them stuck in these captives made me really feel sorry for them.

Deer coloring pages

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deer coloring pages 13,printable,coloring pages

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deer coloring pages 12,printable,coloring pages

Deer pictures



Deer Clipart




Growing happiness 15 puppies coloring page and pictures



When you buy a new pup, it means you are bringing in a lot of happiness. You have bought in a new member to your family. He will definitely amaze you with his innocent mischiefs and will bring excitement to you in his path of learning’s. When I bought my dog years back as a pup, he was very gentle and was slow to learn things. He was always mad for the grass that grew in our garden. He made it a hobby to pull out the roots, much against the wishes of my grandmother and roll over them.

puppiesI started learning a lot of things from him. It was like we were growing old together. We spent some time chasing the birds. He was always there to talk to and with his smooth paws walked all around our house. He always appeared out of the blues whenever there was food on his bowl and guarded his bowl like it were his only universe. He loves running between our legs and was always at the door to welcome us.

Though he was quiet frightened by crackers, he still managed to cope up by hiding behind us when he was afraid. It was always fun to give him a bath as he always splashed and kicked all the water on us. Now that he is grown up into an adult dog, he is still our best friend and a good companion.

Download collection of 15 puppies coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls. Coloring pages on puppies added under animals category. Share these puppies coloring pages with your friends through Google+, Pinterest pins and Facebook shares.

Puppies coloring pages

coloring pictures puppies,printable,coloring pages


puppies coloring page,printable,coloring pages

puppies coloring page to print,printable,coloring pages

printable puppies coloring pages,printable,coloring pages

printable pictures of puppies page,printable,coloring pages

puppies coloring pages 13,printable,coloring pages

puppies coloring pages 14,printable,coloring pages

puppies coloring pages 12,printable,coloring pages

puppies coloring pages printable,printable,coloring pages

puppies coloring pages,printable,coloring pages

kids coloring pages puppies,printable,coloring pages

coloring pages of puppies,printable,coloring pages

puppies coloring pages for kids,printable,coloring pages

puppies coloring pages 11,printable,coloring pages

Puppies wallpapers


puppies puppies


Get ready to freak out 27 Scooby doo coloring pages and pictures

Scooby Doo

Scooby dooAs children, we would all have watched the Scooby-doo franchise. Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, Shaggy Rogers and their pet Scooby-doo are the owners of the mystery Inc., A detective agency. They set up to find the oddest of cases and solve the mystery around the case. Scooby and his best friend shaggy are always on the lookout for food that lands them in trouble. They are always frightened and end up frightening their rivals.
Velma is the intelligent geek who is the mystery solver, while Fred and Daphne find the culprits. Scooby through his funny acts ends up in great disaster. He is mad about Scooby snack, a dog food which he often shares with his best friend Shaggy.  I was once a great fan of this series that I would spend almost all the evening over watching scoobe and his crew, solving a mystery.

scooby doo wallpaperThough many years have passes and many new cartoons have been played, but yet Scooby doo remains the favorite for many of us. With the fun and exciting activities, the Mystery Inc has survived for many years and the children of today also seem to enjoy the series.

Download collection of 14 scooby-doo coloring pages for kids, home worksheets for preschool boys and girls.

Scooby doo coloring pages

printable scooby-doo coloring pages,printable,coloring pages
scooby-doo coloring pages 12,printable,coloring pages

printable pictures of scooby-doo page,printable,coloring pages

kids coloring pages scooby-doo,printable,coloring pages

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scooby-doo coloring pages 11,printable,coloring pages

scooby doo

scooby doo

scooby doo

scooby doo

scooby doo

scooby doo

scooby doo

Scooby doo Characters and pictures

Scooby doo wallpapers

scooby doo scooby doo scooby doo scooby doo scooby doo scooby doo