Terrible Lizards Dinosaurs coloring pages 17 Pictures and cliparts

DinosaurWell, to speak of these ‘terrible lizards’, as Sir Richard Owen rightly called these animals, I really need to go back to the prehistoric times, most particularly the ‘Mesozoic Era’. It was during this period that these huge reptiles roamed on the surface of the Earth, with great freedom. Let me enlighten you with another interesting fact, that is, when the dinosaurs roamed this planet, there was only one single continent- a single landmass known as Pangaea.

Dinosaurs 2The largest dinosaurs were perhaps 50 feet tall, and the tiniest ones were just as the size of a hen. The dinosaurs were categorized in various types, on the basis of what they ate to fill their tummy. Basically there were the meat eating ones, called the carnivorous and the grass or leaf eating ones, who we call the herbivorous. An astounding fact is that most of the grass eating dinosaurs were huge in size, larger than their carnivorous brothers and sisters. While some used two legs to walk, others used all fours to walk.

DinosaurHowever, these reptiles became extinct almost 65 million years back. What scientists believe will surprise you. They say that they evolved into other forms like birds, lizards, chameleons, crocodiles and many more, that we see today.

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